Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day is over and we are officially starting Summer.

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe weekend.  We stayed home, or should I say we didn't go out of town.  Steve took me yard sale shopping with him on Saturday and Monday.  I really enjoyed our time together.  I found some fabric for aprons and some crochet thread for my new fingerless gloves and some yarn for my hats.  I also found some ribbon and some bias tape for my craft projects.  Here are my pictures of my models wearing some of my fingerless gloves and hats.  I am making these items for the Bazaars this fall.

Miss Hailey is such a ham!  She is the happiest person I know.  Always brings a smile to our faces.

Steve found some old Crochet books from the 1920's, 30's, 40's, 50;s and 60's and this little hat is from one of the earlier books.  it just sits on the crown and gets held on with bobby pins.  Yes I said bobby pins.  I made this one to match one of Hailey's dresses that she always wears.

I made this one all red for Miss Mary, to match her favorite red dress.  Hailey is the model here though.

Crochet hand warmers.

There's that smile again.

Miss Mary loves her hat.

Miss Mary wearing her hand warmers.

Miss Mary is so Beautiful, sweet and innocent.  I just love her Brown eyes and freckles.

It doesn't matter what I make for the girls, they always love it.

I have a new counter because when I logged in tonight the old one wasn't working.  I hope I set the number to the right one.  I was guessing since I haven't been in all weekend. 

Please leave me some love, or comments.  I would love to here from you.   

Happy Scrapin',


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