Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update on my garden.

In early August we were surprised with an unexpected wind storm.  I just happened to look out the Kitchen window and saw my corn laying over.  We went out to try and save it but couldn't get anything to prop it up with.  When Charlie got home he helped Dawn prop it up and tied some rope around it and some stakes he put in the raised bed.  Well it didn't wilt or turn brown so I figured we wouldn't get much but we would let it grow if it would.  Dawn, Hailey and Mary helped me pick it last week and to our surprise we got 29 ears of corn.  Some were a little small but perfect for little hands to hold.

They were so sweet and yummy.

We also picked a few of our other vegetables while we were in the garden.

Bell Peppers, Acorn Squash, Lemon Cucumbers and Tomatoes.

I have been having trouble with my computer for the last week and could get it to open where I could get in to run a virus scan.  Finally it came up this morning and the first thing I did was run a scan.  It found 3 viruses, I thought I was pretty safe but I guess they can find they're way around the obstacles any way.  My computer screen is still messed up but at least I might be able to use it for a few days till My IT gets his rear home to fix it.  I sent him a text yesterday telling him that I needed his help when he got a chance and he replied Did you restart it?  So I  sent one back that said only about 150 times.  Of course he didn't respond to it or me since.  I guess that is better than what he usually responds with.  Buy a new one!  I think he forgets that I am a starving CTMH Consultant. lol.

Thanks for checking out my blog and if the blog won't let you leave some love you can always email me some love.

Happy Scrapin',


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