Sunday, September 12, 2010

Brad Paisley

On Friday Sept. 10th we got free tickets to see Brad Paisley.  We were told the concert started at 4:00pm so we headed over to Ridgefield, WA. to the Clark County Amphitheater to enjoy the concert.  When we got there we were told that the outside concert started at 4:30 and the inside concert started at 7:30.  So we hung out and listened to the music and played with the grandchildren till we could get in our seats.  I don't remember all the names of the bands out side but the were pretty good.  When the concert started inside it started with Jason Moore, I am not as familiar with him but I like his music.  Jason played for about 1/2 hour.

Then Darius Rucker came on stage an played for about 45 minutes.  I love his music.  This is not a very good picture but it is about as good as I could get.  He moved around a lot and most of my pics of him are blurry.  Great performer and he had a video with the words to one of his songs so we could sing along.

So then Brad Paisley came out, or should I say swam out.  This is his H20 tour and his giant video screen had a giant swimming pool on it and it looked like he was swimming with his Guitar on his back and then they played the music from Jaws, so then he climbed up the pool ladder to get out of the pool.  It was AWESOME!!!  We first saw Brad when we won tickets to the Oregon Jamboree in 2005?  I think.  Brad is from Oregon and it is fascinating to see how he has grown and I love to listen to all of his songs.  I don't think I have heard any of his that I don't like.

Brad said he used to be the one in the cheap seats at concerts and he knows how hard it is to see the performer so he walked right in front of us to a podium in the middle of the crowd which was 5 rows from where Dawn, Charlie and the grandkids were sitting.  They took this picture for me.

Zack was sitting between my friend Teri and Grandpa Steve.  He is so cute.  He loved the concert.  Jordan didn't want to go the the concert so I invited  Teri.  Can"t waste a free ticket.

We had Hailey sitting with us till the music started and  then she wanted to sit with mommy.  Her is Dawn when she came to get Hailey.  I couldn't hear what Teri said to her but it must have been funny.

Can you tell why she is so spoiled?  Just look at that face and try to say no.

Miss Mary was sitting with Mom and Dad, but from what I hear she didn't do much sitting.  She loves to dance and it doesn't matter what kind of music is playing.  I don't know what was going on when they took this picture but I LOVE it.

Here is dad (Charlie) holding Hailey with her earplugs in watching the concert.

We didn't get home till about midnight and Zack and Hailey were both passed out in the back of the van.
We all enjoyed the concert and each others company.  I only took 92 pictures so I shouldn't have a problem with creating a scrapbook.

Happy scrapin',


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