Saturday, February 18, 2017

Having a little fun.

I know this isn't scrapbooking or card making, but it is crafting. lol  I love all kinds of craft projects and when someone asks me if I can make something, I love to try.

So last month I was asked to make 3 Princess Leia crochet hats and 1 unicorn hat.  Well I did and here are the results.
I made 2 brown and 1 black Princess Leia hats.

I didn't follow any specific unicorn, some make them look like My Little Pony characters.

 Miss Hailey saw the unicorn hat and asked me to make her one like Twilight, a My Little Pony.  So here are the results of that creation.  

I make the ties longer on this one and she loves it.  She wore it to school and got lots of compliments. 

Then a friend tagged me in a Facebook post about some frog slippers and so I had to try those too.  
These slippers are supposed to fit a 6-12 month old, but I think they are a little bigger.  
I need to barrow someone's little foot to see for sure. lol
I was just having so much fun.  I am taking orders if you see something you like, send me an email and I will get you a quote.  I will need a couple weeks notice due to other activities on my schedule.  

I'm not sure I can make these without a purchased pattern, but they sure are cute. 

Happy Crafting,


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