Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yeah!!! The last Birthday in October, at my house, has been celebrated.

Yesterday was Hailey's 8th birthday.  Dawn and I made all the decorations, or at least revamped them.  We found these little pink bags that worked well for the goodie bags for the girls.  We added the Duck Tape and Monster High sticker to the front and they look like they were made that way.
I made these bags for the boys.  I used some old paper and added strips of black and Blue cardstock.
I found something similar to these little books on Dr. Phil Scraps blog.  I used a 3 x 5 index card that I picked up at dollar tree a couple years back.  I used the Pro Player paper and Tech Speak for the images that I hand cut and put on the cover.  I glued a ribbon under the game controller and attached the other end to an ink pen.
I took streamers and added the skulls and the Monster High logo to the star at the bottom of the streamer.

 I made a banner with Hailey's name on it to hang across between the living room and dinning room.
 We found mini Top Hats at Party CIty and I added the Curly ribbon the side so that the birthday girls was a little different.  Look at that smile.

 Tarina always makes the cutest cards.
I made her a card called Puppy Ears card.
She liked it way more than I thought.
When you pull on the tongue the ears pop up and on the inside of the ears it says Hi There!  Here is a link to the site where I found the card and the tutorial with pattern. 
 Dawn gave Hailey 2 - My Little Pony surprise packs from Toys R us.  she was showing me so I could take pictures and mom put the teal bag on Hailey's head. 
 Hailey is holding a mini Skull/magic 8 ball.
 Hailey starting singing as soon as she put it on.
 Grandpa had to try the hat on for size.  
 I made a mask for the cake and Dawn sprinkled Powdered sugar over the mask and then add the pink bow.
 Uncle Luke even came over for the party.
I wish I had been ready to capture the look on Hailey's face when she opened the door and found all the decorations.  It was priceless.  She was so excited, we could hardly calm her down long enough to eat the Chicken nuggets, bacon and corn on the cob that she requested for dinner.

As soon as Dawn and the kids got home. I received a phone call.  It was Miss Hailey, asking me to make her another Puppy Dog Ear card, because she had broken an ear off on the way home.

Happy Scrappin',


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