Thursday, October 31, 2013

Blast from the Past

When Jeanette Lynton, founder and CEO of Close To My Heart, began her venture into stamping 30 years ago, she drew by hand all her stamp images. Originally made of rubber and set on wood blocks, a few of these stamp sets are available to you in clear polymer for a limited time only from Close To My Heart! Contact your Consultant to learn more.

These retro stamp sets are so cute.

If you would like to purchase these stamps click here

If you have any questions please Call or Text me at 503-708-6889.  You can also email me at

Happy Scrappin',



  1. Janice! It is 4 am and I'm awake because of the pain from my dental "adventure" yesterday. So since I was up, I decided to check email. When I read your super cute story about your brother's denture story I literally laughed out loud. Even though in a lot of pain, that little burst of laughter made me feel human for a minute. Thank you so much for that. I'm sorry to post this to your blog comments, but I looked everywhere to find your email address. Forgive me if it is somewhere obvious, but in the state I'm in, a lot can get past me right now. Again, thanks so much for the story. It did me a world of good. Hugs, Curt

  2. Glad I could bring a little joy to you at such a rough time. Ginger tea helps with the inflammation, if you can have it. I just slice the root and depending on the size of cup, I put 3-4 slices in the cup and pour hot water over the top and steep for a few minutes, you can add honey or another sweetener to help calm the spiceyness.