Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Birthday Month at our house.

We have several birthdays to celebrate.  Jordan, Jayden and Mary share the same birthday October 3rd along with my friends Teri and Honallee.  Little Elvis' is on the 6th. Tammy's is on October 13, along with Jo's.  Zackery, Courtney and Kobe share the same birthday on Oct 14th. Gabe and Shavon share the Birthday.  On the 16th is Dawn's and the 17th is Lee's.  My Nephew Steve's is on the 22nd and last but not least is Miss Hailey on October 28th.  I didn't look at my Birthday calendar so I'm sure I missed someone.  It can get kind of crazy at my house this time of year.  We usually have a big Halloween birthday party for the kids, but not this year.  There are some of these birthdays that are not local and we don't celebrate them here, but we do remember them.

I love to dress up as much as the kids do.  I went to bunco the other night and it was a get wiggy theme bunco.  Here is a pic

Happy Scrappin',


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