Friday, May 24, 2013

The Ancient Civilization Celebration is getting under way at School.

Zack came to me last week and said that he had chosen to be Zeus for the celebration.  He has to learn all that he can before next Friday.  During the celebration each 6th grade student gets to set up a desk which becomes their museum, where the other students come by and ask questions about them.  They divide the classes into 4 groups and each group gets a 15 turn at hosting a museum.  While the students are setting up the Museums the other students play a game similar to Jeopardy, where they pick the category and ask the question to the answer given.    This gives the Museum students time to get into their costumes and prepare for the questions.  Zack asked me to help him with his costume.  I first went on the internet and found pictures of Zues.  Zack decided he wanted to be the older Zues, grey beard and hair.  I wonder if you can curl yarn in the oven like you can ribbon?  Well, yes you can!!!  Here are some pics of the progress.
To curl the yarn, simply wind it around a 1/4" dowel, I used clothes pins to hold the ends in place, lightly spritz it with water and put it on a cookie sheet in the oven on 250 degrees for about 5-10 minutes depending on how wet they were when you put them in.  I used 16 dowels, twice to make the beard.
I cut the terry cloth to fit from ear to ear with room for hemming, and cut the mouth a little larger so there would be plenty of room for Zack to talk and not get the yarn in his mouth.  I started stitching the yarn on the terry cloth in rows starting at the bottom of the beard.
I had to see if my idea was going to work.

I cut out a terry cloth hat and sewed the yarn on in rows starting at the bottom of the hat like I did the beeard.  I didn't curl the yarn for the hair, I tried, but the dowel I used was too big and the yarn didn't curl.  I think it looks fine with out being curled.
 Zack came home from School and I asked him to try it on, so I could figure out where and how to attach the beard to the wig.  He was so excited to see that I had finished them both.

 Yes, Miss Hailey had to try it on too.

 Here is the crown that I made.  I punched leaves out of Olive cs and embossed the veins and then sprayed them with hammered copper Krylon spray paint.

I made the belt out of card board that was in my recycle bin, and cs scraps.  I used an embossing plate on the center area of the belt.  I stamped xoxoxox on the top edge of the belt band.  The cs I used is Cocoa and Cashmere.  The buckle I printed and layered onto cardboard.  I have a cuff for him too but it is too wet to mess with yet.  I'll show it when we have the complete costume.

Now we just need to work on his toga and shoes.

Happy Scrappin,


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