Monday, May 20, 2013

Saturday's Photo Canvas Art Class results.

Well I started the day with a great start, I thought.  I made it to Gladstone on time and set up my table, Laptop, Printer and projects. I thought I had everything ready to go, I scanned in the photos and sent them to the printer.   I waited thinking that since I didn't have WiFi available and had to connect the two machine by USB it might take a little longer to communicate.  Well, we waited and waited then I decided to text my Son James, to see if he could talk me through the issues.  He did even better than that, Bless his sole, he came to Gladstone to fix the problem.  I am so glad they were patient with me.  After about an hour we were able to get on with the class and here are some of the canvases we created.  I suggested that the attendees bring a favorite photo, not too close-up, to create the project with.  I never expected them to bring pics of their animals.  I guess next time I should be prepared and take some stamps and embellishments that they can use with animal and outdoor pics as well.

This is the one Kate created for her DH for Father's Day. She wanted it man-ly so she didn't put many embellishments on, just 4 Faux studs. I like how this turned out.  

Carol made the second one. She stamped and added lots of embellishments. I'm glad I decided to make a few of the crocheted flowers.  It looks really nice on Carol's window box photo canvas art.

The other lady, Katharine, who attended had to leave before I remembered to take pictures. She brought pics of her dogs, a Chihuahua and a Pug. She made 2 Photo Canvas Art projects and decided to print her pics out as a 4" X 6" like she brought.  She placed them in the middle running up and down.  She stamped swirls on both sides of the pics and sponged the edges.  They turned out nice also, wish I had remembered to get pictures. 

As the rest of the ladies came to the crop, we were just finishing up and they saw what we had created and several like them and said they would like to take a class like that too.

I had a few say that they wanted to take a One Sheet Wonder card class also.  

If you are interested in taking any of the classes that I post, please email me or call me 503-708-6889.

Happy Scrappin',


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