Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One fine day.

3 of my grandchildren spent the night Saturday night and on Sunday, Grandpa took Zack to some garage sales with him.  He was so excited and had a great time. He found a Game boy advance with 2 games and a caring case for $5.00.  What a deal.

When the Girls got up, I took them out to feed the goats and chickens.  They love to catch the baby chicks and hold them.  Elliot took some treats right out of their hands like he does for me.  Of  course he has to spin a circle between each treat or bite of bread.  He is so funny, he is quite the character.  Still thinks we are crazy for wanting to touch him.   I will have to take a video of Elliot when I give him a treat.

After we were done feeding the animals, we went into the Stamp room and I cut out a mini album with 6 pages each for Mary and Hailey from the new Artiste Cartridge and 3 items each from other cartridges.  I let them choose the paper colors and they both chose the mini album from page 58, which has 4 pages so I let them choose which pages they wanted 2 of.  This little book took most of the day.  The girls had a great time.

When Dawn came to pick up the kids, I took her out to meet the goats, Elliot took a treat from her and Giselle came right to me  and took a treat from me.  This is a first for her, especially with other people standing near.  I usually have to gently tug on her rope to get her to come over to me to get the treat.  We noticed that her rope was all twisted up (she still had about 15 feet that wasn't all twisted up), so I held her collar while Dawn untangled her rope and we slid it back on her without her even flinching.  She just stood there letting me scratch her neck and head until we were done, we walked away before she realized that we were not holding onto her.  They are both getting used to all the kids running through the yard and making all kinds of noise.  They just stand there and watch them now instead of running.  Once in a while they still get startled but not as often. We had 10 kids in the yard at one time today.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Update on my Stamp room.

I finally got my work area in the stamp room cleaned up and usable.  I found a couple of old wooden spice racks that work great to hold my punches, now they are displayed around the room where I can see them and will be able to use them more often.  I decided that I am not going to get a space at the local Bazaars this year so I used some of my display racks to hold my embellishments which make it easier to see what I have. I have some of my 12" x 12" scrapbooks on the corner shelf to the right.  The drawers under my printer hold all my adhesives and CM cutters along with extra cutting blades for my Cricut and my paper cutters.
 This desk is an old sewing table that we purchased from a Mervin's store that was closing in Eastport Plaza about 18 years ago.  It reaches across the entire room, there are shelves on the right for storage and drawers in the middle, I have the top one pulled out with a cutting board laying on top for an extra work surface right now.
 This is on the left side of the drawers, I have all of my stamps stored under the counter and a mini bakers rack with more punches then in the corner I have my bins with eyelets, hinges, picture hangers and lots of other non CTMH embellishments.  On the next shelf, I have my homemade Alcohol inks and a spice rack with CTMH embellishments.  On the next shelf I have my Keurig rack that holds all my embossing powders, my Rolodex and pictures of family.  On the top I have pictures of my Daughter and her family.  I have my non CTMH inks in the rack on the wall and more punches.  Under the Big Kick I have a 7 drawer unit that holds Magnets, glitter, sponges, sandpaper, extra Xyron 510 cartridges, Plastic binding combs, staples, Non CTMH ink refills and much more. Another spinner rack sits on the top of the cabinet that holds all my Cricut cartridges and my Sizzix dies, literally at my finger tips.   
 My desk is actually a sewing table.  It is a little messy because I had just finished making the Scarecrow card that is sitting on my desk.  I will show you the card later in this post.  On the right side of my desk, I have a shelf with my Cricut and my scrap paper sitting next to it so I use the scraps first.  Next to the scrap paper I have a set of drawers with ribbons and then my really cool vintage file cabinet that holds all of my 12" x 12" papers, there is a shallow drawer on the top that holds all of my Cricut cutting mats including the 12" x 24" mats.  We found that at the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store in The Dalles last Saturday on the way to Dufur to pick up the goats.  On the desk I have my colored pencils and glitz, liquid glass and a basket of small punches.  I have small baskets hanging under the Cricut that hold my markers and tape gun along with my stamp scrubber and Cricut tools.
On the left side of my desk, I have a legal sized 2 drawer file cabinet that holds my 8.5" X 11" papers and labels, even my Business cards. On top of the file cabinet sits my Ink tower and my tool turn-about.  So far I have put together and sorted over 300 cards to go to Operation Write Home.  I still have to go through the rest of the room, and closet before I am done, but at least I am way closer to my goal.  I have taken about 5 van loads of crafting supplies and projects to the thrift store and I still have more to take.  That doesn't include the boxes of papers that I gave to Tarina and Dawn for their Scrapbook stash.  This room is the biggest bedroom in the house, bigger than the Master Bedroom and it was packed, I hardly had room to walk in and get supplies to carry to the Dinning room table, where I created my projects and then carried it all back to the stamp room again.  I love the 2 big windows and don't really have to use the lights till later on in the day.

This is the card that is sitting on my desk, it is from our Stamp of the Month for September Fall Favorites.  I plan on posting more artwork soon, so check back often to see what I have been up to. 

Happy Scrappin',


Sunday, September 23, 2012

We added a couple new animals to our little farm.

Meet Elliot
 and Giselle.

I want to try my hand at Goat Cheese and Butter so we will be having kids in the early spring hopefully.  They are Dwarf Nigerian Goats.  Neither are really friendly but Elliot is eating bread and treats out of my hand now, however he still won't let me pet him.  He is funny, cause when he sees me in the back yard he comes to the end of his chain to see if I have a treat for him.  Giselle will not approach me but if I pull her to me she will eat a treat out of my hand also.  I am hoping to get them tame enough to let me stake them out in the back yard near the fence where the Blackberries grow.  I'm sure that will take some time, we have only had them for a week now.

I went to our crop today and when I returned my DH said that Elliot greeted him and ate bread and treats out of his hand also.  Apparently Elliot also ate from my sons hands too.  Just a couple days ago Elliot would bolt to the end of his chain as far away from any of the men as he could get.  I think that is because the men caught him for us to bring home.  He seems to be coming around a little faster than I thought.

I did get a few cards made at the crop today, I will post them in a couple days.

Happy Scrappin',


Friday, September 14, 2012

The Swipe Hype: Clearly the Best, Stamping with Close To My Heart Episode 2

Here is another great video from Close To My Heart.

“The Swipe Hype” features the swiping stamping technique. With stamp swiping, you can add texture, distressing, movement, and motion to your products. 

I hope you enjoyed the video, if you have questions or need more information call or text me at 503-708-6889 or email me at

Happy Scrappin',


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bend It, Curve It, Stamp It: Clearly the Best, Stamping with Close To My Heart Episode 1.

Close To My Heart has some great new videos on My Craft Channel, check it out here.

“Bend It, curve It, stamp It” features a stamping technique to manipulate the stamp images for personalized designs.

I hope you enjoyed the video, if you have questions or need more information call or text me at 503-708-6889 or email me at

Happy Scrappin',


Thursday, September 6, 2012

We celebrated 31 years Yesterday.

September 5th, 1981
September 5th, 2012 
I can hardly believe it has been 31 years already.  

My Dear Hubby took me to Claim Jumpers for dinner, it is amazing the places that are willing to accommodate for food allergies these days. We have never been there before and so I emailed the restaurant on Tuesday evening asking about the type of oil they use. The Manager called me just as we were getting ready to leave for dinner to let me know that they use Soy oil and to let me know that they have lots of customers who they prepare special meals for, so it would not be a problem if we wanted to come in, so I said see you in a few minutes we are on our way there.  The food was delicious, or at least Steve's was. Because of my diet restrictions mine is the usual grilled chicken and baked potato plain, they did bring out some EVOO for me to use on my baked potato and of course I add salt and pepper.  At least I didn't have to cook my own meal.  That always makes it taste better.

After dinner Steve took me on our usual Thrift store shopping spree.  No date is complete with out that.  He is such a Romantic.  With work and all, where does he come up with such romantic getaways?  We are planning a trip to the beach this coming weekend to celebrate.  Hope the weather is great.  I can hardly wait to walk on the beach again.  That is something I couldn't do for many years because of the Fibromyalgia, but thanks to this Comprehensive Elimination diet I can walk on the beach again. Yeah!!! 

I hope to get a few things finished up this week in the stamp room, so I can finish getting my room back in order and take pictures to post then get back to crafting again.  

Happy Scrappin',


Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Chicks are 6 weeks old now.

It is hard to believe that time passes so quickly.  I am pretty sure I know the sex of my chicks now.  I have 3 hens and 1 Rooster and now that I know that I have decided what to name them too.  Here are their pictures and names.

 This is Cleopatra. She is a Partridge Cochin Frizzle.
 This is Bella Vie. She is a Partridge Cochin Frizzle also.
 This is Josephine. She is a Partridge Cochin, but I don't think she is part Frizzle.
 And this white one is my little Rooster Chuck. 

Chuck refused to come out from under the tree so that I could get a good picture of him, and when he did he ran under another one near by.
I am pretty sure that Chuck's Mother is my Golden Sex-link, not sure who his dad is,
maybe my Cochin Rooster.

I have learned a lot about chickens this year.  I learned that Sex-links are bread to know the sex when they hatch.  To get the Golden Sex-Links they breed a Red hen with a Silver Rooster and when they hatch the Golden are hens and the Silver are Roosters, they never stay true the next generation.

Well I am off to finish working on my stamp room, hopefully I will be able to share pictures later this week.

Happy Scrappin',


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Team Name "Scraptastic Treasures"

You might not have seen my August posts, welcoming my new down-line, Teri Nelson and Tarina Lafollette. Getting a down-line meant that I had to think of a name for our team.  I had a huge list of possibilities, which included names like Scraptastic Hearts, Scraptastic Creations, Scraptastic Divas, Distressors on the loose, and Have stamps will travel and a whole lot more, but I have finally narrowed it down to one.  I have decided to call my team Scraptastic Treasures.  I received an email from Corporate today, stating that my team name was approved. So it is official.

Happy Scrappin',