Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One fine day.

3 of my grandchildren spent the night Saturday night and on Sunday, Grandpa took Zack to some garage sales with him.  He was so excited and had a great time. He found a Game boy advance with 2 games and a caring case for $5.00.  What a deal.

When the Girls got up, I took them out to feed the goats and chickens.  They love to catch the baby chicks and hold them.  Elliot took some treats right out of their hands like he does for me.  Of  course he has to spin a circle between each treat or bite of bread.  He is so funny, he is quite the character.  Still thinks we are crazy for wanting to touch him.   I will have to take a video of Elliot when I give him a treat.

After we were done feeding the animals, we went into the Stamp room and I cut out a mini album with 6 pages each for Mary and Hailey from the new Artiste Cartridge and 3 items each from other cartridges.  I let them choose the paper colors and they both chose the mini album from page 58, which has 4 pages so I let them choose which pages they wanted 2 of.  This little book took most of the day.  The girls had a great time.

When Dawn came to pick up the kids, I took her out to meet the goats, Elliot took a treat from her and Giselle came right to me  and took a treat from me.  This is a first for her, especially with other people standing near.  I usually have to gently tug on her rope to get her to come over to me to get the treat.  We noticed that her rope was all twisted up (she still had about 15 feet that wasn't all twisted up), so I held her collar while Dawn untangled her rope and we slid it back on her without her even flinching.  She just stood there letting me scratch her neck and head until we were done, we walked away before she realized that we were not holding onto her.  They are both getting used to all the kids running through the yard and making all kinds of noise.  They just stand there and watch them now instead of running.  Once in a while they still get startled but not as often. We had 10 kids in the yard at one time today.

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