Sunday, September 23, 2012

We added a couple new animals to our little farm.

Meet Elliot
 and Giselle.

I want to try my hand at Goat Cheese and Butter so we will be having kids in the early spring hopefully.  They are Dwarf Nigerian Goats.  Neither are really friendly but Elliot is eating bread and treats out of my hand now, however he still won't let me pet him.  He is funny, cause when he sees me in the back yard he comes to the end of his chain to see if I have a treat for him.  Giselle will not approach me but if I pull her to me she will eat a treat out of my hand also.  I am hoping to get them tame enough to let me stake them out in the back yard near the fence where the Blackberries grow.  I'm sure that will take some time, we have only had them for a week now.

I went to our crop today and when I returned my DH said that Elliot greeted him and ate bread and treats out of his hand also.  Apparently Elliot also ate from my sons hands too.  Just a couple days ago Elliot would bolt to the end of his chain as far away from any of the men as he could get.  I think that is because the men caught him for us to bring home.  He seems to be coming around a little faster than I thought.

I did get a few cards made at the crop today, I will post them in a couple days.

Happy Scrappin',


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