Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What could be better than Twins for Valentines Day?

Ok, let me clarify a little.  I don't mean Twins as in a date, or as in new Grandbabies.  Well they are kind of new Grand kids.  Charlie's friend went to a live stock auction yesterday and bought 4 baby goats, yes I said goats, or Kids.  When he got home with them his wife only wanted 2 so Charlie got a call from his friend and said he would take the two that they didn't want.  So today while Dawn was at school, Grandpa and I took Miss Hailey to the Base to pick up the Kids.  Here are some pics.

 Hailey found that they like to suck on her finger.  She thought that was pretty funny.
 Here Charlie is telling Hailey about the babies.  They are 14 days old, so they will need to be bottle fed for about another month or so.

 When we got them to our house it was time to feed them so Hailey helped Mom give them a bottle.
Charlie was telling Dawn to enjoy the ride home with the goats in the car.  They were so loud on our way home from the base, that Hailey asked if we could shut them up, or turn the radio on loud.
They are very cute.  Guess I'm gonna have to scrapbook the twins.

Happy Scrapin',


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