Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Chicks?

Ok so we decided to get some little chicks and raise our own Organic chickens since Dawn and I both have to eat Organic as much as possible.  Wilco Farm Stores have a special going today that if you buy a bag of chick starter you can get 5 Cornish Cross chicks for FREE so Steve, Dawn and I went to Wilco at 8:00 am and bought 5 Cochin laying chicks and 10 FREE Cornish Cross chicks.  We had a large tote to put them in for a little while and so We needed to buy the Feeder, waterer and the heat lamp along with the food and the pellets for the floor of the tote.  Got home before 9:00 am and started setting up.  Here are some pictures.

 My Son James and Granddaughter Mary

 My Son James trying to get them to drink from the waterer.

 James Still trying to get some of them to drink.

 The white/yellow ones are the Cornish Cross and the Black/Brown ones are the Cochin.

We chose the Cornish Cross for the ones we are planning on eating because they mature in 6-8 weeks.  So I will try to keep you up to date on how our new adventure is going.  

Charlie is getting ideas on how to build our Coop and will start on it soon.  I will try to post pictures of that process as we go too.

The Grandchildren we all so excited when we came home with the chicks this morning.  They named the laying chicks already.  Midnight, Stripes, Heart Night, Mouse and Beauty.

Hope you enjoy reading about our new adventure as much as we do.

Happy Scrapin',


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