Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day.

I hope every one enjoyed their Mother's Day.  My Son, Son-in-law and Husband set up my Green house that my Husband gave me for Christmas.  My Husband gave me a Rot Iron Potting Bench to go inside it, so I can start my plants earlier next year.   I can hardly wait to start using it.

 I haven't been able to sit in my recliner for about 3 months and the only chair I don't hurt in is the chair at my computer, which is in the back bedroom.  I think the spinal injections that I got in Dec 08 and Jan 09 are wearing off.  When I would sit in the recliner, movie theater seats or on a hard chair, it felt like my tail-bone was being ripped right out when I stood up.  Not a feeling I liked to experience.  On Tuesday last week Dawn was told about a lift chair, they wanted to give it to someone who could really use it.  She asked if we could go look and try it out.  We went over on Wednesday, tried it out and brought it home.  It is nice and in great condition.  I now have a chair I can sit in and be with the family more often.  Thanks Dawn, I love my new chair.  

Steve took me out for breakfast for Mother's day and then we stopped at a few yard sales.  

I will post some flowers that I have been making later today.

Happy scrapin',


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