Thursday, December 9, 2010

Update on my life.

My Husband returned from overseas safe and brought presents, I will have to post pics later.  He was only gone 5 weeks but it seemed like for ever.  I really missed him.  Now that he is home again, I sometimes wonder if I could send him back. lol  Maybe it was just Date Night that I missed.

I changed Dr.'s and I love my new Dr.  He has done more for me in 8 weeks than my last one did in 6 years.    My Dr. tested me for Diabetes and I don't have it.  He was very concerned about my blood pressure 197/94 on my first visit, but Steve had just left for the 5 week trip and his office was in total chaos.  My new Dr. had just replaced his entire staff, and no one knew where anything was, including himself.  I knew deep down that the Dr. who referred me to my new Dr. wouldn't send me to someone he would see himself.  I knew it was a test and we both got through it.  We talked about the pain meds that I have been on since I fell in 2008 and I really wanted off of them but I couldn't quit, I had tried to lower the dose and it didn't work.  We talked about the Guaifenisin Protocol and why I didn't follow it completely.  So he doubled my dose to 2400 mg's twice a day and gave me a copy of the Elimination diet with meal plan and recipes and said he wanted me to stay on it for at least 3 weeks.  Then he said he wanted to do a bone density scan to see if I could have Osteoporosis or not.  So I immediately went home and start on the diet.  That was November 4th.  I had the bone density scan on Monday the 8th.  I saw Dr. Tyler again on Dec. 1st. I found that I do have some bone loss in my hips and spine so Dr. Tyler put me on Boniva and suggested that I take 1500 mg's of Calcium and 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3.  We also talked about exercise and wearing a weight vest to help strengthen my bones in my spine.  I was very excited when we got to the part of the visit when he asked me if I needed a refill on my pain meds and I said NO.  I have only used 20 since he gave them to me on November 4th and I was taking 2 at night and 1 during the day as needed.  I have been off of the meds now for about 3 weeks.  Dr. Tyler was happy to hear that too.  Then we talked about the weight and I am now down 17 lbs.  My blood pressure is running about 120/72 now.  Dr. Tyler said that I might have to go on blood pressure meds if it continued to stay high.  The Guaifenisin is helping so much.  At one point Dr. Tyler asked why I hadn't doubled my dose of Guaifenisin and I told him that I don't like to do that unless I talk to my Dr. first and my old Dr. didn't even know it came in pill form.  He said "well you know it is safe, after all you read all about it before you started taking it.   Did I mention that I love my new Dr.?  He actually treats me like a human being, he even asked how my Thanksgiving was.  I you would like a copy of the elimination diet just Click HERE!

Jordan is still taking weekly allergy shots, having a slight reaction to them but not too bad so far.  We have to take him up to Kaiser's Nurse treatment center to get them, so he misses some school and then he is not allowed to do any physical activities the rest of the day.  It is so much fun to remind an active 12 year old that he can't do that.  Despite missing some school, his mom received a letter from the Principal that she is invited to join Jordan at school tomorrow morning for a celebration breakfast.  He made the Honnor Roll!!!  I am so proud.

Zack and Hailey needed Eye exams and we just found out that Zack needs glasses.  He gets them next week, I hear he is handsome in them.  As for Hailey, they just want to see in a year.

I think Mary is the only one who hasn't had to go into the Dr. other than the annual check up.  Mary is Knitting on the Knifty Knitter Looms that I have, she made her stuffed dog a sweater and so I told her if she wants to make more, I will put them out at the Bazaars next year.  She started on a Christmas one and has it almost done.  I will post pictures later.

My SIL passed his 2 classes with A's.  He works days at the base and was taking classes 3 nights a week.  He was worried that he wasn't going to get a passing grade on one of the classes since he had a week long trip back east in the middle of the term.  But he pulled it off with flying colors.

Dawn passed her classes and will be taking new ones in January.  She wants to be a teacher.  Hailey was very upset at first because Mommy's can't be teachers.  She thought that mom was leaving and did not like that idea at all.  Dawn took her to class with her one day and then she was OK with mom becoming a teacher.

My Son is working again, that is a relief.  He works at the beach and comes home on weekends, unless it's drill weekend.  He really likes his job.  I just wish he would get one permanently and a house of his own.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope maybe some of my trials will help some of you.

Happy Scrapin',


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