Sunday, March 28, 2010

Where did March go?

Well I can tell you where my March went.  I was on Jury Duty the first week and didn't get called.  I had my workshop on the 6th and my friend Loyal came.  I helped her make a cute little Grandma Brag book for her 4H friend.

The second week my Hubby took me to Lincoln City, OR to the Western BCA Pool Tournament, we Stayed at the Lincoln City Inn, in the middle of town. Very nice place to stay, will remember that for next time.  The weather was crazy, high wind with rain coming down sideways one day and   beautiful the next day. That lasted all week.  The Ocean had high waves so we didn't go the the Beach.  Between Lincoln City and Newport the waves were crashing up on the roadway in some places.  Steve didn't do so good in the singles this year, but we stayed for the Teams that started on Friday.  The Team didn't do so well either.  The guys were all disappointed so maybe they will do better in October when we go again.

The third week of March I helped at home with the kids while Dawn worked.  I put the finishing touches on a Surprise 50th Birthday party for Charlie's Mother.  We had the party on the 20th at the BCT Community room where I hold my workshops.  After the party ended at about 6:30 pm, I decided that no one had showed up yet so after we finished cleaning up I went home to rest up a bit.  The party was a Hugh success. We wanted this to be a fun and uplifting event so we used some black but mostly Purple and white.

I made the Invitations and sprayed a shimmer mist on the Butterflies and the white card stock.  I got a lot of compliments on the cards.

For party favors I made Bookmarks because we all know how much Denise loves to read.

Dawn made the Flower arrangement.

Dawn and I both worked on the board.  This picture does not do it justice.  We made a Story board of the events that happened in the 1960's and matted the events in Black and purple.  I had left over Butterflies so we put a few on the board and on the tables for decoration.

We found out that Candy-land was made in 1960 so we made sure we took it with us and Grandpa Steve played it with Mary and Hailey.  Grandma Denise and her father,Great Grandpa Ron Atseff is in the background talking.

We had 2 cakes one White cake with Raspberry Mouse filling that said Happy 50th Birthday Denise and this Chocolate cake with Chocolate Mouse filling.  We found candles that said "Oh No The Big 50" so we put them on this one, which just had purple roses on it.

Denise isn't much for surprises and would rather not remember it's her birthday but she seemed to be very surprised and happy to see everyone that showed up.  I took lots of pictures for her and I made a guest Book  for every one to sign and leave her a message.  I took pictures of everyone with Denise so I could put their picture on the same page with their message.  I am still working on the guest book.

Sunday the 21st was my Son James' 25th Birthday, We gave him a Ryobi Tool kit and some Adult Gummy Vitamins and Dawn and Charlie took him to the movies to see Shutter Island.  They said it was a good movie, I haven't seen it yet.

The fourth week was Spring Break for the kids.  Dawn didn't have to work so we took a trip to Eugene.  I have some craft items in "Wild Country Interiors" on consignment so I thought I would take some more items down and check out the store, since I have never seen it before.  It is located in the Valley River Center Mall in Eugene.  Wow what a trip.  The weather was great and on the way home, we saw the largest group of Mallard Ducks I have ever seen.  There must have been at least 2000.  They flew in large groups and then circled down near a pond next to the freeway.  Almost like a funnel cloud.  It reminded me of the movie "Birds", I was only about 8 when I was taken to see that movie and it scared me.  We were so amazed at the sight that we didn't think to take a picture until they all had landed.  We also took a trip to The Dalles and put more items in "The Nook" gift shop on 9th and Trivet St..  Then we visited with GG Thomas (Steve's Mom) and Aunt Diane (Steve's Sister).  On the way home I stopped in Cascade Locks and visited with a friend of mine from 35 years ago.  She contacted me on Face Book a few weeks ago and we finally got to meet up.  It was so nice to see her again.

Then I came home and got sick. ugh.  I have to get better before my workshop on Saturday April 3rd.

Today everyone went to The Dalles to celebrate Steve's Uncle Elmer's 80th Birthday.  I stayed home so I could rest and I wouldn't get everyone up there sick.

So as you can see my March has been very busy.  I have enjoyed all of it until I got sick.

Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you come back often.

Happy Scrapin',


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