Monday, February 21, 2011

Open crop & Fundraiser for RPHS Choir Students!

My Friend Shannon held a FREE Open Crop and Fundraiser yesterday to help raise funds for her daughter to go to Chicago to a conference in March.  We didn't raise a lot of funds but we had a great time.  My friends Kate and Loyal came and the 4 of us worked on our own projects and enjoyed visiting and telling story's.  We met at Somerset Senior Living center in the Willamette room.  There were 9 tables and lots of plugins for us to have 2 Cricuts and our heat guns and our laptops right at our tables.  Shannon brought sandwiches from subway and chips and I supplied the coffee, tea and cocoa.

Shannan and I want to have more of these Open Crops and hope you will join us.  I will try to post the next one on my blog but you could also join my Meetup group and keep up to date on all the events I have in the works.  just follow this link The-Beavercreek Paper Crafters meetup group  You might have to join meetup also but it is FREE to join both.  If you just join meetup and not my meetup group you still will not be able to see all the information for my events.

Happy Scrapin',


My first Card Class in The Dalles.

I forgot to take my camera and I really didn't have time to take any pictures any way.  I had 9 ladies come and 4 followed me into the room, anxious to get started.  My Sister Shirley came and brought her, Friend Pastor Tammy From The Salvation Army and my 2 great Nieces, Christa and Amber.  Christa joined us in making the cards and had a great time.  Amber just hung out and sent texts to her friends.  I stayed and visited with My Mother and Father-in-law while they ate lunch and then went back to their room for a little while.  After that I went with Shirley and the girls to Sorosis park and visited with Shirley while the girls played with their friends at the park.  It was Shirley's Birthday so I  wanted to spend the day with her.  I hope she enjoyed the day as much as I did.  I really need to do this more often.  I miss spending time with both Shirley and My Mother-in-law.  I mentioned to Christa that I needed to come up more often and she agreed, so I assumed that she wanted to see me more too.

I will post pictures of the cards we made soon.

Happy Scrapin',


Monday, February 14, 2011

New artwork.

Happy Valentines Day!!! has some very cute cut files for your electronic die cutting machines and this is just one of them.  This was a FREE cut file that comes to me via email every Friday.

I made mine into a Candy bar wrapper instead of a card and gave it to my dear hubby for valentines day.

I made some for My Grandchildren this afternoon too, but I made them with punches.

I made boy ones by putting mustaches on them. 
 Jordan thought his looked French and Zack's had a Hitler stache.

 I punched out 2 hearts and a 1/4" circle to make bows on the girls' ones.

This is a door hanger I made from the Sweetheart Level 2 paper pack and B1369 Rosy Regards Stamp set.

This is also from the Sweetheart paper pack and B1368 Baby Love Stamp set.

 This one is also from Sweetheart papers and B1368 Baby Love Stamp set.  On the bottom there are box pleats that look like a shirt.
This card is made with C1439 Enjoy Life Stamp set and Sweetheart Papers.

I hope you liked my cards and candy bar wrappers.

Happy Scrapin',


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clarinet Practice.

Jordan came home from school today and soon started practicing his clarinet.  He is starting to play pretty well for his first year.  He played several songs and then decided to play his rendition of his father snoring in the living room. Yes, Charlie slept through Jordan's practice.  How?  I do not know.  So Dawn decided to video tape it.  Here it is.

At one point you can tell he is laughing because he can't continue to play the same notes.  Jordan is such a joy to have around, even when he is being a typical 12 year old.  

I hope you enjoy the rendition, leave me a message so I can share it with Jordan and Dawn.

Happy Scrapin',


Friday, February 4, 2011

Are Fairies real?

Saturday, my two granddaughters were making Fairy houses to see if Fairies were really real.  My grandson Zack got on board and made a Fairy Hotel sign.  They went out to play and I went to a friends house.  Yesterday after the 3 older kids got home they went outside to play and they were out there a very short time when Hailey (5 yrs) burst into my stamp room exclaiming THEY'RE REAL!, THEY'RE REAL!  So I had to ask "What is real?"  "Fairies, Grandma" she said.  So I asked" How do you know?"  She said "We left crackers and sunflower seeds out in the houses and the crackers are gone!" THEY'RE REALLY REAL!  She was so excited to  find out that Fairies are really real, that I had to share this news with all of you in case you have little ones who want to know if they are real too.

Hailey is such a girly girl, and always smiling. We have a hard time getting her to wear anything but dresses, even in the snow and freezing cold.  Usually we just have her put on pants under the dress.  That way we are all happy.

I hope you enjoyed the story today.

Happy Scrapin', 


What's your Chocolate IQ?

I took the Quiz and Here is my results.  Congrats, you're a chocoholic! 

Take the quiz, click on the link below and let me now the results.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Join Close To My Heart in the month of February and earn a FREE Consultant Kit

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